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Here’s a little documentary I did on a huge time crunch about my two little pet bunny rabbits, Buddy and Dude. There are obvious flaws, but I think it’s somewhat interesting to someone who knows me and the little guys.

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Speaking of stupid kids in class…

I promised I would bring some observations and anecdotes from my experiences taking undergraduate classes at the University of Oregon. No less than eight hours after posting my inaugural blog, I have some material from class to share.

This morning, I had a 10:00 Cinema Studies course. All we were gonna do was show up and watch a film. This chubby, hipster-wannabe girl with annoying red-framed glasses walks in and sits down in the middle of the front row. Immediately, she says loudly, “EEEWWWW! There is gum under this desk! I thought only kids in high school stuck gum under their desks. KIDS IN HIGH SCHOOL ARE SUCH DOUCHEBAGS!”

This was all very audible to everyone in the class. “Fair enough,” I thought. After all, it is pretty juvenile to put gum under a desk in college (although I don’t find it to be douchey. Loudly declaring it to be a douchey in front of the entire class is douchey. I digress….)

So the teacher’s assistant starts the video (which was an Arab film from 1955 in subtitles) and immediately chubby hipster girl pulls out her cell phone and begins texting. The worst part about it was that she was in the very front row, and didn’t even try to hide the fact that she was texting during the screening of the movie. She was also holding the phone approximately six inches from her face. If I was sitting behind her, I would’ve stuck gum in her hair.

So while texting during the entire film (and I do mean non-stop phone use), she busts out a can of Diet Coke, loudly opens it and starts sipping. She then proceeded to make random commentary throughout the film.

Compared to her ridiculous antics in class, I think she made “high school douchebags” look as cool as James Dean. 

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