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Follow this guy if you’re interested in getting dating advice from my roommate posing as me (I think). 

I dunno, but follow it if you want dating advice from the guy who knows me best, pretending to be me.

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Happy birthday to me!

Drinking Bud Light in a McDonald’s parking lot and stealing their free wi-fi. Then we sleep in the car in a hotel parking parking lot and go to Six Flags Magic Mountain in the morning!

Not the ideal set of circumstances for my birthday, I guess, but fuck it. I’m in L.A. for my birthday/New Year’s Eve!

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Every time.

Every time.

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So my Journalism 467 professor decided to have the final exam on the last day of lecture instead of during finals week. Incidentally, she never mentioned this in class and I didn’t notice until I checked the syllabus at midnight the night before.

I guess someone’s gonna be doing some very last minute cramming.


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A noteworthy blog posting

Randomly stumbled on this blog on Somehow, this complete stranger nailed how I feel. Good read.

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I’m at Chinook Winds casino with some friends. Could (should) be back at the place taking in the scenery with someone I care about.

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The start of a long week…

So I am about to start one of the more stressful weeks I’ve had in a while. I have to write 8 pages for one class, 7 pages for another, and 4 pages for another. On top of that, I have to write an essay for my petition for admittance into the Journalism school, meet up with two professors and (hopefully) get their recommendations, and put together a portfolio of my writing. All this will be done within the next week.

The crazy thing is that I’m not really dreading it. I mean, I’m not looking forward to it, either. I guess I just look at it as something that has to be done, whether I like it or not. I think it’ll also be a nice challenge that will show I’m ready to be a full-time student in the Journalism school. Either way, I know I’ll be fine, and it will make my two-week Summer break that much more rewarding before I kick right back into the swing of things in mid-June. 

I guess things are (finally) starting to look up for me, and that’s what makes me feel comfortable again. I’m on track to have a degree within a year, which is something I didn’t think I’d really be able to say until recently. And on a lighter note, my friend and I went into the restaurant this morning where one of my best friends just got a job. We were served by one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful women I have ever seen. 

Her smile was probably the most radiant smile I have ever seen in person. I’m talking like so amazing that she should quit her job serving and start modeling for toothpaste commercials or something. I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight, haha. Anyway, My friend who works there is gonna try to get her to hang out with us at some point. It’d be rad, but I’m pretty sure I’d be too intimidated to talk to her much. I guess we’ll see what happens, but damn, I can’t stop thinking about that freakin’ smile of hers.

So yeah, sorry for blabbing on about school and women (again). I’m just trying to get it all out somewhere, and tumblr offers the most blank canvas with somewhat of an audience. Plus it just feels good to write something other than massive essays on topics I’m really only moderately interested in at best.

Cross your fingers for me, it’s gonna be a crazy week. Hopefully I’ll be rewarded at some point with the presence of my babe-a-licious server.

P.S. I slid a 20% cash tip under our plates, and paid with a card. For the gratuity I wrote 69 cents, and signed my name by dotting the “i’s” with hearts. Considering I left a somewhat generous cash tip, do you think the 69 cent tip was 

a) hilarious (my friend and I thought it was),
b) mildly funny,
c) immature, or
d) completely rude, condescending, sexist, offensive, etc. ?

Let me know what you think, ‘cause I’m really hoping she got the ridiculous humor involved in the joke. It rarely works that way though, haha. 

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everything went better than expected

So both professors I e-mailed wrote me back within hours. One said he’d like to meet up and discuss the matter further during his office hours. The only problem is that his office hours are right during my other classes. Normally I’d skip, but it happens to be the last day of classes and I have to turn in some final papers. Hopefully him and I can find an appropriate time to meet.

The other professor, who is currently teaching my “Race, Class and Gender in the Media” class agreed to look over my body of work from this term and decide if he should endorse me or not. I have a solid B, if not a B+ or A- in the class, so I’m assuming he’ll have no problem recommending me. After all, doesn’t “B” denote “above average?” Hopefully that works out. I’m feeling a lot more confident today than I did yesterday.

Also, huge thanks to Alex for re-blogging me! You already got me two new followers, hopefully with more to come. It makes me feel pretty okay that all I do is post punny pictures and emo blogs and people still find it (relatively) interesting. Interesting enough, I guess, to follow! 


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The last few days have been kind of weird.

A week ago, an acquaintance was hospitalized. I just found out today that he died after a week-long struggle.

I didn’t know the guy too well. I didn’t really know what he did, or where he lived. He did, however, hang out with a lot of people I knew and was around my neighbors a lot. Oftentimes, when walking by, he’d stop by our porch and share a smoke and a laugh or two.

I’m just not sure what to think. Just a few weeks ago, he was laughing and joking with us on our neighbor’s porch. Now he’s gone, and he won’t be back. It is an incredibly somber feeling, just knowing that no one will ever see him again. I’m just an acquaintance; what about his close friends, his parents and the rest of his family? I’m sure this is a nightmare for them, and my thoughts go out to him and the people who surrounded him.

It just makes me stop and realize how short life really is. We all know death is imminent, but I guess we’re not reminded of it until it affects us or someone close to us. 

I guess what I’m trying to say is that life is fragile. Any day you could find out that a friend, a loved one or just an acquaintance is gone. It’s a harsh reminder of our own mortality, and how much of a gift life really is. There’s no telling what the future holds.

Love everyone you love with all you have to give. In the end, that’s really all you can do.

R.I.P., man. You will be a loss to a lot of people, even those who didn’t get to spend much time with you while you were here. 

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